Stede Bonnet

The gentleman-turned-pirate Captain of the Revenge


Stede carries a longsword and a rifle, and is an excellent fighter and swordsman. He’s is not at all skilled at captaining a ship, and has no navel skills, but is an excellent leader nonetheless. The Captain considers himself a gentleman, above all else; which can be a great strength at times, but often weakens his effectiveness at piracy. He can charm his way into or out of almost any situation.


Over a dinner conversation with a group of adventurers who had just saved his Barbadian house from a bandit raid, Stede Bonnet grew fascinated with their lifestyles. He was a wealthy landowner, a militia major, and a gentleman; but had grown tired of his life (notably his wife’s nagging). The next morning Stede purchased a 60-ton sloop and hired the group to find him a seventy-man crew. Within a few hours Stede had set sail, leaving his wife and children behind to become a pirate captain.

Stede Bonnet

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